Recap: openWALK in Giesing

On Wednesday, June 19, we hosted another openWALK - this time in Giesing!

After conquering the Giesinger Berg, we explored the heart of Obergiesing along Tegernseer Landstraße. This neighborhood faces unique challenges with its heavy traffic and limited green spaces, but the last decade has seen significant improvements. Initiatives like the renovation of Tegernseer Landstraße, the transformation of Grünspitz, and the redesign of Edelweißplatz have enhanced the area's quality of life.

A standout moment of our openWALK was visiting the Giesing neighborhood store. Lars Jakobeit provided valuable insights into district and citizen engagement in the area. In Munich, public space usage is a hot topic, and it's crucial for residents to be actively involved in these transformations. Want to know more? Check out their website: Startseite (

💙 Engaging with the community and seeing positive changes firsthand was truly inspiring! Special thanks to Sebastian Seisenberger for guiding the openWALK, and of course, to all the attendees who joined him.

We are looking forward to the next openWALK on July 17, 2024. You can already register: openWALK - Von der Ludwigsbrücke zum Hackenviertel


Photos: Seisenberger, Aumann, 2024