Policies and regulations required for enabling the MaaS concept

General Description

Novel regulatory approaches and governance schemes supporting policy makers in Europe lead a successful transition towards Mobility as a Service. The project aims to identify drivers, barriers, enablers and challenges for the effective deployment of MaaS and the realisation of its expected benefits, building on international best practice while adapting to existing local regulatory frameworks and market conditions. The project will as well assess the mobility outlooking Europe and provide recommendations for expected MaaS development scenarios.

The PRO-MaaS project tackles city challenges by bringing together separated and isolated studies. The acquired knowledge will support any upcoming new plan for deployment of MaaS in European cities.


  • Development of a knowledge bank of new disruptive mobility services, business models, regulatory policies, frameworks and governance models. A map of best practices and leading initiatives will be developed, as well as a scoreboard to visualise the level of compliance towards MaaS adoption.
  • Engagement of key stakeholders from the EIT Urban Mobility partner network, among them cities and metropolitan areas, into a constructive, pro-active and thorough debate on MaaS.
  • PRO-MaaS will deliver a set of concrete recommendations and strategic roadmaps on what needs to be addressed to move towards a successful MaaS implementation.


European Union – EIT Urban Mobility


January 2020 – December 2020 (first phase)



M.Sc. Helber López