MOR€CO: mobility and residential costs recommendations for households and decision-makers to respond to increasing mobility costs in the Munich region


The growth region of Munich is, in its own way, under pressure from both its housing market as well as the everyday mobility of its citizens. Rising land and rent prices are leading to an increased development of residential sites in peripheral locations and dispersed transport links on the regional level. This highlights an urgent need for coordinated control by decision-makers on the different scales of the Munich region.

Alongside the potential of rising mobility costs, the Munich region carries the significant risk of housing misallocation in relatively hard to reach locations on the regional level. Such issues are being exacerbated by the supply shortage of fossil fuels, political instability in oil-producing countries and energy price increases. Scenarios of which became a reality during the 2000s energy crisis and that will inevitably lead to increases in mobility costs.


  • Scan the vulnerable municipalities on a regional scale
  • Explore by story telling with shock scenarios on an individual scale
  • Prepare by monetary accessibility analysis on a spatial scale

Results and key findings

  • Highlighting and classifying the vulnerable to the resilient regions
  • Strategies for households to efficiently cope with increasing mobility costs
  • Specific measures for different settlements patterns
  • Recommendations and policies for decision-makers concerning land-use and transport


Landeshauptstadt München
Alpine Space: European Territorial Cooperation


September 2011 - May 2014


Dipl.-Geogr. Benjamin Büttner
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