City LivEAbility by Redesign

General Description

Within CLEAR, real-life transition experiments are launched in urban streets, taking advantage of the commit-ment of selected cities. Small, but tangible interventions in public space as well as the joint introduction of new mobility options as an alternative to individual motorized transport are expected to encourage a systemic change in urban mobility. One of the key outputs is an inventory of context-sensitive urban design scenarios and effective processes of citizen and stakeholder involvement.


  • Enhance the value of urban spaces for the quality of life by re-shaping mobility (Strategic Objective 1 of the EIT Urban Mobility)
  • Enhance the uptake of innovative alternative mobility concepts by combining their introduction with public space improvement
  • Enabling systemic change in urban mobility
  • Transfer of synergies in social and technological innovation
  • Building capacity for the market take-up of consulting and urban design projects and communica-tion and co-creation


European Union – EIT Urban Mobility


June 2019 – December 2020