In the coming summer term, the Institute of Automotive Technology (FTM) will once again provide the opportunity to answer interesting questions in the field of future mobility for motivated students. The focus of this program is on practical work, up to and including prototyping. All participants are encouraged to submit a student thesis (Bachelor/Semester/Master Thesis) documenting their individual contribution.

Project: ITA – Integrated Traffic-Simulation for Autonomous Driving

In terms of content, the planned project will develop an immersive multi-scale simulation for training algorithms of autonomous vehicles as well as for testing and evaluating possible connected service concepts. For this purpose, a digital image of Munich's Karolinenplatz will be created and a realistic traffic situation will be derived from a mesoscopic agent simulation. In this digital sandbox, algorithms for autonomous vehicles can be tested and trained and their behavior studied. The resulting traffic effects are then fed back to the simulated traffic system to exemplify the impact of autonomous vehicles on traffic. This allows requirements for new technologies in the field of autonomous driving to be derived that go beyond the technical solution of driving tasks. For effective science communication, a user interface is planned, for example through a VR application to the microsimulation.


Project: Parametric Electric Powertrain Model Considering Sustainability

Within this project a holistic powertrain system approach is designed in order to optimize the conception process. This leads to a more time efficient process during design phase considering independencies in an early stage. The ultimate aim of this model is to identify crucial vehicle and component parameters with high influence on defined objectives. Another aim is to enhance the development process by applying new technologies.

This project consists of the following work packages:

  • Implementation of a framework for the powertrain system integrating optimization algorithms (analytical, neural networks)
  • Development of component models focusing on different types of modelling (mechanic, electric, thermal) using an analytical or numerical approach
  • Automated construction of parametric powertrain model considering topology optimization
  • Performing a life cycle assessment in terms of sustainability


Contact Person

If you have any questions regarding the project feel free to contact us:

ITA – Integrated Traffic-Simulator for Autonomous Driving
Fabian Schuhmann, Fabian Netzler

Electric Powertrain
Nico Rosenberger, Yasin Meral 




Your complete set of application documents comprises of one single PDF file including

  • Filled in form of application: here
  • CV
  • Transcript of records of current degree program

Please send the document to s4fm.ftm@ed.tum.de


Application deadline: 03.10.2022

Interviews: As soon as possible after receiving the application-