Thomas Kröger, M. Sc.

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Lecture: Basics of Automotive Technology (Lecture supervision, Advanced driver assistance systems)



  • Schreiber, Markus; Wassiliadis, Nikolaos; Schneider, Jakob; Kröger, Thomas; Lienkamp, Markus: Investigating the aging mechanisms of state-of-the-art automotive battery pouch cells under real-world usage conditions. Unpublished, 2022 more…
  • Wassiliadis, Nikolaos; Steinsträter, Matthias; Schreiber, Markus; Rosner, Philipp; Nicoletti, Lorenzo; Schmid, Florian; Ank, Manuel; Teichert, Olaf; Wildfeuer, Leo; Schneider, Jakob; Koch, Alexander; König, Adrian; Glatz, Andreas; Gandlgruber, Josef; Kröger, Thomas; Lin, Xue; Lienkamp, Markus: Quantifying the state of the art of electric powertrains in battery electric vehicles: Range, efficiency, and lifetime from component to system level of the Volkswagen ID.3. eTransportation 12, 2022, 100167 more…


  • Ponn, Thomas; Kröger, Thomas; Diermeyer, Frank: Identification and Explanation of Challenging Conditions for Camera-Based Object Detection of Automated Vehicles. Sensors 20 (13), 2020, 3699 more…