Francesco Passigato, M. Sc.

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Lecture: Vehicle Dynamics of Passenger Car

Student Projects

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  • Passigato, Francesco; Gordner, Achim; Diermeyer, Frank: Modeling of the Weave and Wobble Eigenmodes of Motorcycles Using Flexible Multibody Simulation. Volume 9: 18th International Conference on Multibody Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics, and Control (MSNDC), American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2022 more…


  • Passigato, Francesco; Wischnewski, Alexander; Gordner, Achim; Diermeyer, Frank: Two Approaches for the Synthesis of a Weave-Wobble-stabilizing Controller in Motorcycles. 2021 IEEE International Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC), IEEE, 2021 more…


  • Herrmann, Thomas; Passigato, Francesco; Betz, Johannes; Lienkamp, Markus: Minimum Race-Time Planning-Strategy for an Autonomous Electric Racecar. 2020 IEEE 23rd International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), IEEE, 2020 more…
  • Passigato, Francesco; Eisele, Andreas; Wisselmann, Dirk; Gordner, Achim; Diermeyer, Frank: Analysis of the Phenomena Causing Weave and Wobble in Two-Wheelers. Applied Sciences 10 (19), 2020, 6826 more…