Daniel Schröder, M.Sc.

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  • Schröder, Daniel; Loder, Allister; Kinigadner, Julia; Rothfeld, Raoul: Enhancing Sustainability in a Government-Contracted Mobility-as-a-Service Model. (Talk / TRB Annual Meeting 2022) 2022 more…


  • König, Adrian; Nicoletti, Lorenzo; Schröder, Daniel; Wolff, Sebastian; Waclaw, Adam; Lienkamp, Markus: An Overview of Parameter and Cost for Battery Electric Vehicles. World Electric Vehicle Journal 12 (1), 2021, 21 more…
  • Schröder, Daniel; Gotzler, Felix: Comprehensive spatial and cost assessment of urban transport options in Munich. Journal of Urban Mobility 1, 2021, 100007 more…